Thursday, August 9, 2012

TV spot promotes Duchenne and the Channel Challenge

Local ITV News (Meridian Tonight) came to film and interview us today about the Channel challenge and to speak to Stu and Becky about Duchenne. Kerry from Meridian spent some time at their house first and then we all went down to Calshot Castle to do some kayaking on camera.
In the pictures below (courtesty of Katie Turner) you can see Ben getting to grips with the camera as Stu and Becky prepare to be interviewed, plus Kerry filming us on Southampton Water.

We ploughed back and forward on a really nice day at Calshot (would have been perfect for a much longer paddle!), as Kerry tried to get the best shot for her story, our rhythm only occasionally broken by the wake from a couple of huge container ships, like the one in the picture.

We expect the story to be on Meridian's evening news programme (6pm) nearer the actual crossing date (i.e. later in August), but it could in reality be on anytime in the next few of weeks. Kerry has assured us we'll get some notice so will try and publish it via our FB site, so you can watch it if you so desire! I'm sure it'll be a quality bit of television so don't miss it...

Kerry from Meridian filming us in "action"

Ben tries his hand at being a cameraman

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