Thursday, August 23, 2012

Our challenge features on BBC Radio Solent!

This morning Stu, Jon and I met at the BBC Radio Solent studios in Southampton City Centre where we were due to appear on Julian Clegg's Breakfast Show. We were excited and nervous in equal measure.

As part of the feature Stu had been asked to pick a year, place and a song which would be played at the end of our interview.

We met the producer in the reception of the BBC building, and then waited for about 15 minutes having been warned that, because of an exclusive scoop they had been given, our segment had been squeezed to a shorter length of time. This was a little disappointing but we remained really appreciative and grateful for the opportunity to promote our cause.

As it happened the exclusive was an interview with the chap who had flown Asil Nadir out of the country 20 years ago, and with Nadir due to be sentanced this morning having returned to the UK last year, this was a good scoop indeed.

We headed into the studio at 8.20 and met Julian who immediately put us at ease, sat down with a mic each and got ready to go.

He started by asking Stu about why we were doing the kayak, then spoken to us all in turn. We were delighted when he said that the interview would continue after the 8.30 news, and so we were getting longer than we had been led to believe when we arrived!

In the end I reckon we were on air for a total for 5-6 mintues, which is a long time in television/radio and so we were really pleased. It went really really well too, with none of us disgracing ourselves.

Julian read out our blog address and we had an unusually high number of hits in the hour after the interview.

On a day when the main conversation was around Prince Harry's naked antics in a Las Vegas hotel room, I think we did our cause justice on local radio, a station which regularly attracts over a quarter of a million listeners every week.

Thanks to Julian and his production team for this excellent opportunity. Photos below!

BTW Stu's choices were 2006 (year Ben was born), Legoland (Ben's choice!) and Fix Me by Coldplay.

Charlie, Stu and Jon in reception at BBC South

Jon in the waiting room waiting to go "on air"

Stu and Charlie in the waiting room waiting to go "on air"

Jon, Stu and Charlie chatting to Julian Clegg during a break in his breakfast show

Jon, Julian Clegg, Stu and Charlie in the studio at Radio Solent

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