Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sports Mix -v- Jelly Babies...the verdict

I know, it's the match of the century, an unstoppable force versus an immovable object. But following a challenge from a colleague at work, who I was telling all about our use of Sports Mix as both a sugar injection and a motivating tool on our long paddles, I have agreed to road test Jelly Babies too.

So today we did exactly that. I turned up at Marchwood Co-op at 6.20am in my wet suit and cag, and paid £4 (£4!!!) for two bags of sweets. In a controlled experiment, Jon, Stu and I only ate Jelly Babies on the way out, and then consumed Sports Mix (our usual sweet of choice) on our return.

Although apparently runners are advised to use Jelly Babies for a quick sugar rush, I'm afraid to have to report that we weren't taken with them. They don't last more than 10 seconds (Sports Mix last what seems like a lifetime, and you are gouging small rogue bits from various molars for what feels like hours after the main part of the sweet has long since disappeared and been swallowed). 

Sports Mix is the more satisfying and distinguished sweet, lending itself to fewer re-visits to the bag as a result of its longevity, and are far more flavoured and 100 times chewier.

The only downside of Sports Mix, which is something which does not burden a Jelly Baby, is that because it lasts so long it can become a choking hazard. I don't particularly fancy performing the Heimlich Manouvre on a rough day in Southampton Water, let alone in The English Channel.

But all-in-all we feel that, as far as Jelly Babies are concerned, Sports Mix is the daddy.

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